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Gabriela and Dan with Lexxie and Fritz
Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport, Maine

About BlixxHorses

BlixxHorses aka Blixx ‘All About Horses & Their Care’ is a 501(c)(3) Maine Non Profit Educational and Advocacy organization founded by Gabriela Rodriguez and Daniel Quinn in 2007. Our focus is education and horse therapy to reduce stress, through interactive, innovative programs and a television show. This is not traditional Therapeutic Riding, Hippo Therapy, or Equine Assisted therapy. Relating in close proximity gives people a deeper understanding of the horse’s physical nature, behavior, needs, and plight.

Mission Statement

Blue was the inspiration for Blixx
Colony Hotel, Kennebunkport, Maine

BlixxHorses exists to educate the public about horses and their care, and to acknowledge their contribution and value in society beyond their traditional use, by their ability to be physically & emotionally therapeutic for people.

People helping horses help people

Our Work

Acting as educational tools, Lexxie and Fritz are introduced to people of all ages throughout the community providing an opportunity to learn, interact, and gain an appreciation for horses beyond riding and competition. In addition to providing information and instruction on proper care based on documented needs and behaviors, through a distinct philosophy of care, the horses provide horse therapy. These horses are examples of every horses potential to help people benefit physically and emotionally from single interactions, as well as the long term cumulative effects. Research has shown that being in the presence of, and interacting with animals helps overall health. As prey animals, horses have a unique energy and calming effect that helps decrease every day stress.

Fritz and Lexxi being walked by Gabriela and Dan