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Gabriela and Dan with Lexxie and Fritz

Blixx – Who We Are

The Blixx team includes Horses, Lexxie & Fritz and their owners, Gabriela Rodriguez & Dan Quinn.

What We Do

Provide Education
About Horses and Their Care –
thru Unique Programs

Provide Training
To Horses & Their People
thru the Blixx Philosophy of Training

About Ms. Rodriguez & Blixx

Blue was the inspiration for Blixx
Blue was the inspiration for Blixx

Gabriela Rodriguez has spent over a decade observing, communicating & caring for horses on a daily basis. This dedication has resulted in the development of strong relationships with horses that many aspire to. She uses her background in health & fitness, to help people understand what horses need in captivity. Her expertise in working with horses from the ground, gives her the ability to teach the importance of how the non-riding relationship enhances riding.

Blixx was inspired by Think Blue, Rodriguez’ first horse and combines the names of Blue & Lexxie. Although Blue died in 2008, the work she does in his name with Lexxie and her new companion Fritz, continues. Together with Blixx Ambassadors, Lexxie & Fritz, the team teaches how to develop trust, respect & co-operation by providing security through leadership, kindness and responsible care. The experience gives people an opportunity to understand relationships with horses, and the responsibility associated with their care.